David D’Amico

Web & Application Developer

Toronto, ON

Recent Work

BG Menu Bar

Mac app which consumes BG and trend data from a Nightscout instance, presents it as a status menu in your Mac's menu bar.


Developed and launched this Universal iOS app highlighting a project called Cityscapes by artist Vida Sačić. This was my first attempt at a truly adaptive layout on iOS, and proved to be a very fun and educational experience. Number of nightmares about autolayout has declined sharply.

A Closer Look in
The Art Institute of Chicago

With my excellent colleagues @ritaelise and @kjaebker at the IMA Lab, developed this mobile tour app for The Art Institute of Chicago. We used the Lab’s open-source TAP CMS for the back-end, TourML for transport, and a new custom iPhone app for the front-end. A tight timeline and some novel development challenges made for a whole lot of camaraderie and learning. This one was a real blast to work on.


Contributed extensively, mostly on the back-end with some front-end work, to this arts-focused community site affiliated with the Walker Art Center. This Drupal-based site is one of the larger projects I worked on during my time at IMA Lab. It's sort of a social network, sort of an exhibition platform, sort of a marketplace of ideas.

TAP iPad

Worked on multiple implementations of this iPad app for specific Indianapolis Museum of Art exhibitions (“Matisse: Life in Color, ” “The Essential Robert Indiana”), and contributed to its open source release in October of 2014.

Portfolio, Shannon McGlothin

Redesigned and streamlined this portfolio site for mobile, using Stacey CMS for the back-end. Had a fun time playing with the history API.

The Nub: Indie Arts Hub: iOS, Android

Collaborated on design and developed this application for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android using off-the-shelf parts to optimize for rapid development: Wordpress on the back-end, PhoneGap/jQuery Mobile on the front-end. A fun (not to mention educational) first step into mobile application development.