David D’Amico

Web & Application Developer

Recent Work


Can only talk about a few things from my time so far at ecobee. In both of these cases these were contributions to a much larger effort. So! I was fortunate enough to get to make some contributions to this Nestjs module that our team open-sourced, and (in addition to everyday work on the site) contributed to the development of some new product pages for ecobee.com pictured below.

BG Menu Bar

A hobby project, no longer maintained, BG Menu Bar is a Mac app which consumes Blood Glucose and trend data from a Nightscout instance, and presents it as a status menu in your Mac's menu bar.

A Closer Look in
The Art Institute of Chicago

With my excellent colleagues @ritaelise and @kjaebker at the IMA Lab, developed this mobile tour app for The Art Institute of Chicago. We used the Lab’s open-source TAP CMS for the back-end, TourML for transport, and a new custom iPhone app for the front-end. A tight timeline and some novel development challenges made for a whole lot of camaraderie and learning. This one was a real blast to work on.


Contributed extensively, mostly on the back-end with some front-end work, to this arts-focused community site affiliated with the Walker Art Center. This Drupal-based site is one of the larger projects I worked on during my time at IMA Lab. It's sort of a social network, sort of an exhibition platform, sort of a marketplace of ideas.

TAP iPad

Worked on multiple implementations of this iPad app for specific Indianapolis Museum of Art exhibitions (“Matisse: Life in Color, ” “The Essential Robert Indiana”), and contributed to its open source release in October of 2014.